Qualification assessment

Our assessments are a guide to the level of an overseas qualification in terms of a qualification on the Australian Qualifications Framework. Our assessments are for general purposes and aim to assist individuals by helping organisations, such as a prospective employer, understand the educational level of an overseas qualification in the Australian context.

Our assessments do not compare overseas qualifications by study area, subject/units or competency standards. An overseas Bachelor of Science may be compared to an Australian Qualifications Framework Bachelor Degree, but not specifically to an Australian Bachelor of Science to science subjects/units or scientific competencies. 

Our assessments serve as advice only and are not legally binding. They do not allow you to:

  • work
  • get registration, licensing, professional membership or meet industry requirements
  • migrate to Australia
  • study at an Australian university or other education provider.

You can apply for an assessment if: 

If you have been referred to us by an employer or professional membership/registration/licensing body to have your overseas qualifications assessed, contact us as you may not need an assessment from us.

If none of the above circumstances apply to you, you do not need an assessment from us, see Who can assess my overseas qualification?

Qualifications we assess

Completed overseas:

  • higher education qualifications

  • postsecondary technical and vocational education qualifications.


We don't assess:

If you are unsure about whether we can assess your qualification, please refer to our Frequently asked questions before contacting us. 


Fees must be paid online by Mastercard or Visa credit card only. 

Number of qualifications​  Fee for Australian and New Zealand citizens and permanent residents in Australia (AUD) ​ ​Fee for temporary residents and citizens of other countries (AUD) 

1 or 2 ​



3 or 4  ​



5 or more​

495.00 650.00

Please note that once the payment and documents have been submitted, the application fee will not be refunded.     



Apply online 

To help you plan for your online application, the steps are:
Step 1. Register with us first by providing your first name and last name and a password: Apply online
Step 2. Complete the online application form.
Step 3. Print and sign the Applicant Declaration from the online application form.
Step 4. Pay for the assessment at the end of your online application form.
Step 5. After you complete your online application, create your 2 PDF documents and email them to us - see Documents we require below.

Documents we require

We do not accept hardcopy documents. All documents must be emailed in Portable Document Format (PDF) attachments.
Documents need to be scanned and of high quality. Scanners can be accessed at some computer, digital, photographic and stationary retail stores, post offices, libraries and schools. We will not accept poor quality scanned documents. We reserve the right to request the original documents which will result in delays to your assessment. We do not accept other electronic formats such as JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG or camera photos of documents.

Scanned copies in PDF

Scan the following documents to create 2 PDFs:

PDF 1 

1. Create one single PDF containing scanned certified copies of the following documents in their original language and the English translation from an approved translator if the originals are not in English. Put them in the following order where English translations immediately follow the original language document:
  • award document e.g. degree, diploma or certificate
  • transcripts
  • if applying for assessment of a doctoral degree, the abstract from your thesis, evidence of publication, names of the examining committee
  • award documents and transcripts of your previous postsecondary qualification(s) even if you do not want them assessed
  • proof of citizenship if you are an Australian or New Zealand citizen, or proof of residency if you are a permanent resident in Australia:

- citizenship certificate; or
- pages from your passport or travel documents showing passport or document number, personal details, visa and entry stamp; or
- a statement from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection that shows you are a permanent resident.

  • if relevant, evidence of a name change – a marriage or deed poll certificate.

2. Name the PDF ‘[AEI Order Number] Documents [Applicant’s first name] [Applicant’s Last name]’ e.g. AEI0XXXXX Documents John Smith
An AEI Order Number will appear on your invoice which will be issued to you immediately after you have completed your online application and paid the fee. An AEI Order number starts with ‘AEI0’ and is followed by 5 digits (do not use the AEI Invoice number which starts with ‘AEII0’).


1. Create a PDF containing the scanned signed Applicant Declaration, or if you are using an agent, the signed Agent Declaration. At the end of the online application, you will be able to print off a copy of the Declaration to sign.
2. Name the PDF ‘[AEI Order Number] Declaration [Applicant’s first name][Applicant’s last name]’ e.g. AEI0XXXXX Declaration John Smith

Certified copies

To have your documents certified or notarised, you will need to take the original document and a copy to an authorised person for signing. In Australia, an authorised person includes a Justice of the Peace. In other countries, if you are not sure who is authorised check with your Australian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate.
Certified copies must be:
  • copies of the original document (not copies of copies) marked with the words “certified true copy of the original”, and
  • signed on each page and include the name and address of the person who signed them. We must be able to contact this person if needed.
We reserve the right to ask you to supply the original documents, or contact your university or institution and ask them to send documents to us.

Approved translators

Approved translators within Australia must be accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). Translators in Australia are listed in the Yellow Pages. Please do not submit ‘Extract’ or ‘Summary’ translations.
Outside Australia, the translator must be approved by the authorities in the country where the translation is made. Ask your nearest Australian Embassy, High Commission or Consulate for advice if you are unsure. 

Email your 2 PDFs to us

Once you have completed your online application and paid the fee, email us with your 2 PDFs attached and the subject line [AEI Order Number] [Applicants first name] [Applicants last name] from the email address that you authorise us to communicate with you with to qualsassessment@education.gov.au
An example of how the email should look like is below.


Changes to your assessment


A request to amend an assessment certificate can be made within 3 months of the date of the original certificate. Requests after 3 months will incur a fee. To request an amendment, contact us.


If you have lost your assessment certificate, we may be able to replace it. We charge a fee for replacing certificates. To request a replacement certificate, contact us.


If we assessed your overseas qualification and you do not agree with our assessment, you can ask for a review. The review fee depends on the number of qualifications you want reviewed. To discuss your case for review, contact us.
Requests for review must:
  • be in writing and submitted within 3 months of the date the original assessment was issued and
  • include why you disagree with our assessment outcome and supplementary information or documents to support your case.