Data visualisations

Data visualisations to explore the international student demographics at Australian institutions.

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Student Number

(Warning: 10MB data download)

A graph showing actual student numbers on a student visa in Australia by nationality. Selecting a particular nationality will zoom in to the nationality's student numbers.

Data can be disaggregated by state, and the user can toggle between the current and last years' data.


Where do international students come from and what do they study?

(Warning: 16MB data download)

An overview of where international students studying in Australia on a student visa come from and what they are studying here.

Click on the globe to start/stop the world tour.
Use the mouse wheel when hovering over the globe to scroll through the country list.


Pathways of international students while studying on a student visa

(Warning: Up to 12MB data download for each set of pathways)

Pathways of international students while on a student visa.  Various pathways can be downloaded, including pathways post ELICOS, post Schools, prior to VET and prior to Higher Education.

There is too much pathways data to display all at once so the data has been broken down by pathway type and year.  There will be a slight delay loading each set of pathways data when a new set is selected.  The pathways data is updated monthly with each release of the international student data. 

Pathways can be examined by nationality.


Student Location

(Warning: 20MB data download)

A map showing the distribution of international student enrolments across Australia. Enrolments data can be disaggregated by nationality and education sector.