2019 round feedback for applicants 

Due to the large volume of applications received, the department does not provide individual feedback to unsuccessful applicants. Below are the most common reasons for not receiving an offer. These should be taken into consideration when applying in future rounds.

Failure to meet eligibility requirements

Applications were assessed against the eligibility requirements listed in the Applicant Guide. Applications that did not meet the eligibility requirements were assessed as ineligible. The most common reasons applications were assessed as ineligible were failure to provide one, or more of the following documents: 
  • language requirement documentation such as TOEFL/IELTS or a transcript of at least one year of study in an approved country.
  • an unconditional/conditional admission letter from an Australian institution for commencement during the correct year (international applicants).
  • proof of citizenship/dual citizenship/permanent residency from an eligible country.
  • weighted academic transcripts with a score card explaining the grading system.
Failure to follow the Applicant Guide may result in an ineligible application. Therefore, it is essential that applicants read all of the instructions carefully and ensure they meet all eligibility requirements prior to commencing an application.

Academic performance

The Endeavour Leadership Program is competitive and merit-based, and in general, applicants with lower academic performance may be less highly ranked than higher performing applicants. Applicants are ranked comparatively and the level of academic performance necessary for recommendation may differ from year to year.
In addition, applicants who have not provided an explanation of the grading system used at their university may also be disadvantaged when compared to other applicants who have provided this information.

Other criteria

Information such as employment experience, community service and publications/awards was used by selection panel members when deciding between similarly ranked applications. Applicants who did not provide this information or who provided only limited information may have been disadvantaged in the selection process.
Eligible applications were assessed against the selection criteria by an independent selection panel comprising of academics, professionals and government representatives. Their recommendations were provided to the department for final selection. Applications which were not ranked highly by the expert selection panel were not recommended.
Selection occurs at the discretion of the department and no correspondence will be entered into.
Applicants may review their applications after the close of round by logging into the Endeavour Online system.