Australia overview

Australia is a culturally diverse democratic society with an internationally recognised tradition of quality and excellence in teaching and education. Over the last three decades Australia has developed into one of the world’s leading international study destinations with highly regarded schools, vocational education and training and higher education institutions.

OECD data positions Australia as the fifth-largest destination for international tertiary students. Australia also has the most internationalised tertiary sector worldwide, with international students making up more than 20 per cent of enrolments.

The quality of education offered to international students in Australia is reflected in the results of the 2010 International Student Survey. The survey shows the majority of international students are satisfied with their study and living experiences in Australia; and that quality of teaching, reputation of a qualification, personal safety and an institution's reputation are the main reasons students choose Australia.

International students educated in Australia demonstrate similar employment outcomes to their Australian counterparts. 73 per cent of higher education graduates who remained living in Australia were employed, and 81 per cent who had left Australia were employed, most in an area related to their field of study. 

The Australian Government continues to implement world best practice programs and policy initiatives to ensure that overseas students receive the quality education and training experience they expect.

For more detailed information about Australia's education system, please browse the free Country Education Profile for Australia online in html or in pdf format.