Our role

Australia has a long established system of qualifications recognition. Australia is party to the UNESCO Lisbon Recognition Convention and Asia Pacific Recognition Convention (or Tokyo Convention). Under these conventions, we are the National Information Centre for qualifications recognition in Australia. In this capacity we develop qualifications recognition policy and provide information and advice about:
  • the Australian education system, to promote the recognition of Australian qualifications in other countries; and
  • overseas education systems to facilitate the recognition of overseas qualifications in Australia.

We fulfil our role by engaging domestically and internationally, and delivering a range of information services and programmes including: 

  • representing Australia in UNESCO regional recognition fora including the ENIC-NARIC network and the Regional Committee on the Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education in Asia and the Pacific
  • supporting Australian Government to overseas government engagement in multilateral and bilateral fora
  • policy advice and information on how overseas qualifications compare with qualifications on the Australian Qualifications Framework through:
  • policy advice and information on the Australian education system through the Australia Country Education Profile publication
  • policy support to professional assessing authorities under the general skilled migration programme
  • policy support to state and territory governments
  • policy support for the Australian Qualifications Framework. 
Note that the Qualifications Recognition Policy Unit in the department has had previous names prior to 2014 including ‘AEI-NOOSR’, ‘NOOSR’ and the ‘National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition’ which we no longer use as our focus and some of our functions have changed.
For more information about how qualifications recognition works is Australia, see Who can assess my qualification?