National Code, Part C: Maximum Number of Students

Key issues

The provider proposes a maximum capacity for all students, both domestic and international, to the designated authority. The designated authority will decide whether to approve this capacity.

What Part C Section 12 involves

Each state/territory conducts its registration and re-registration in a slightly different manner. Some states/territories may have additional non-ESOS requirements stipulated by their own state/territory legislation.

Ensuring that a provider has the capacity to teach all of its students is fundamental to ensuring a quality education. Capacity not only includes considerations of how many teachers and desks a provider needs, but also resources such as kitchens, computers and laboratory space etc.

It may be necessary for a provider to break down its capacity by reference to particular courses. For example, a provider may have a capacity to teach 1000 accounting students, but only 300 hospitality students because while it has many classrooms, it has a limited number of spaces in its kitchens.