Indonesian Government Ministerial Regulation on Foreign Universities (Decree 53)

​The Government of Indonesia has finalised its regulation for the establishment and operation of foreign universities in Indonesia.
The conditions for foreign universities outlined in the regulation are as follows:
  • Foreign universities can be established in special economic zones (SEZ)
  • Foreign universities must be accredited and/or recognised in their country of origin
  • Foreign universities must be non-profit
  • Foreign universities and/or fields of study shall be ranked in the top 200 in the world
  • Foreign universities shall collaborate with Indonesian universities in education, research and innovation
  • Foreign universities shall offer at least two STEM programs
  • Foreign universities shall implement a curriculum in accordance with their country of origin and the Indonesian compulsory curriculum (religion, Indonesian language, Pancasila and citizenship)
  • Foreign universities may be in the form of university, institute, polytechnic, college or academy
  • Foreign universities may offer a program in a field of study that has not previously been offered in Indonesia or is otherwise a priority field of study 
  • Foreign universities may employ lecturers and education staff that are Indonesian citizens and citizens of other countries, provisions for which shall be regulated by the executives of the foreign universities
  • Foreign universities shall implement the tridharma in collaboration with Indonesian universities
    • Note: tridharma is the concept that higher education comprises three elements: education and teaching, research and development, and community service
  • The Minister shall evaluate foreign universities regularly and may revoke the licence of a foreign university based on this evaluation
If you would like further information, please contact the Department of Education and Training’s Counsellor in Jakarta, Liz Campbell-Dorning at or +62 (21) 2550 5549.