Brazil – President Rousseff makes education the top priority


Brazil – President Rousseff makes education the top priority.jpg
Credit: Roberto Stuckert Filho / PR

On 1 January 2015, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff outlined the priorities for her government’s second term. Education will be the “priority of priorities” with Brazil to allocate a higher percentage of revenue from oil royalties to education.

The administration will be guided by the motto “Brazil, an educating country”. President Roussef said the slogan was simple and straightforward and conveys clearly the government's priority.

The Science without Borders program will continue to support scholarships at the best universities around the world for 100,000 Brazilians. The Federal Government will work with state governments to improve school curricula and improve teacher training. The Government will also pay special attention to the improvement of technical training and support the development of science, technology and innovation by stimulating and strengthening partnerships between the private sector and research centres and universities.

6 January 2015