Research snapshots

The Research Snapshot series has been developed by the International Research and Analysis Unit to provide stakeholders with summary updates on current activities and developments in international education data and research. The Snapshots will be produced regularly, after relevant data are released.  The Department of Education and Training has no control over the currency of data released by other agencies.  The intention of these Snapshots is to provide the most current data that are available in the public domain. 
Date Title Area of interest
​October 2017 ​Global context of tertiary student mobility ​

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​Higher Education
​September 2017 ​​Transnational education in the VET sector

 (pdf 139KB or docx 850KB)     
​August 2017 ​ELICOS Regional Market Survey​

 (pdf 146KB or docx 184KB)     
​August 2017 ​Study locations of international students ​

               (pdf 154KB)
​All sectors
​May 2017 ​Export income to Australia from international education activity (calendar year) ​

                 Snapshot                                 Infographic
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​All sectors
​May 2017 ​Impact of studying abroad on graduates ​

               (pdf 160KB)        
​Higher Education
​April 2017 ​​​International students studying in non-award courses ​

               (pdf 122KB)        
​April 2017 ​​International students studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in Australian higher education institutions ​

               (pdf 144KB)        
​Higher Education
​January 2017 ​International mobility of Australian university students​

                 Snapshot                               Infographic
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​Higher Education
​November 2016 ​Export income to Australia from international education activity (financial year) ​

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​All sectors
​November 2016 International students in Australian universities ​

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​Higher Education
​October 2016 ​​Transnational education in the higher education sector ​

 (pdf 309KB or docx 174KB)     
​Higher Education
​August 2016 China - Outbound and inbound international students​

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​June 2016 ​​Study locations of international students ​

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​All sectors
​June 2016 ​​Australian scholarships and support for international students
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​All sectors
​June 2016 ​Study Pathways of International Students in Australia ​

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​All sectors
​February 2016 International student numbers
(pdf 112K​B or rtf 1.3MB or online interactive)​
All sectors​
​June 2015 International students in Australia up to 2014
(pdf 155KB or rtf 1.3MB)
​All sectors
November 2012​ Transnational education in the public and private VET sector
(pdf 337KB or rtf 7.0MB)


Explanatory Snapshot title Area of interest
Reporting international student data by calendar, financial year or other periods 
(pdf 76KB or rtf 2.2MB)
All sectors
Production of international student data – explanatory note
(pdf 66KB or rtf 1.2MB)
All sectors
Allocation of enrolments to the various education sectors covered in the international student data – explanatory note
(pdf 67KB or rtf 1.2MB)
All sectors
Enrolments, commencements and student numbers – explanatory note
(pdf 68KB or rtf 1.3MB)
All sectors
Data on international students in higher education – explanatory note
(pdf 72KB or rtf 1.1MB)
Higher education
International student numbers – explanatory note
(pdf 69KB or rtf 1.1MB)