Bilateral relationships

The International group develops and maintains Australia’s bilateral education relationships with Europe, Africa and the Middle East, the Americas and Asia. We monitor policy developments and social and economic trends, and implement bilateral collaborative projects.

The International group  also facilitates discussions at ministerial and senior government level to develop high level relationships with countries, particularly in the Asia Pacific region. Formal agreements, such as Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs), are an important part of these relationships. The International group conducts ongoing monitoring and reviews of these agreements.

Memoranda of understanding (MoU) and agreements

MoUs in education and training are developed to formalise relationships between the Australian Department of  Education (DoE) and education ministries in foreign countries.

Areas of co-operation include:

  • staff exchanges
  • development of institutional links
  • co-operation in research and development
  • recognition of qualifications and credit transfer
  • exchange of information on education policy, systems, curriculum development, governance, education materials, etc., and
  • development of twinning programs. 
  • Australia’s current education and training formal agreements, including MoUs:


    Flag_of_Argentina_web.jpg ​Argentina (pdf 368kb) - signed 26th June 2017
         Flag of Brazil Brazil (pdf 894kb) - signed  3 July 2015
    Flag of Brunei Darussalam Brunei Darussalam (pdf 65kb) - signed 18 October 1990

    Chile (pdf 2mb) - signed 1 July 2015

    Flag of People's Republic of China ​China (pdf 1.14mb) - signed 12 December 2012
    Flag of People's Republic of China China - Higher Education Qualifications Recognition (pdf 432kb) - signed 17 November 2014
    Flag of People's Republic of China

    China - Student, Researcher and Academic Mobility 
    - signed 17 November 2014

    Flag of People's Republic of China China - Vocational Education and Training - signed 24 March 2017
    Flag of Colombia Colombia (pdf 179kb) - signed 6 August 2002
    European Union Flag European Union (pdf 140kb) - signed 18 April 2007
    Flag of France France (pdf 50kb) - signed 1 July 1999
    Flag of Germany Germany (pdf 436kb) - signed 11 September 1998

    Flag of Germany


    Flag of India

    Germany (pdf 31kb) - signed 29 September 1998


    India MOU on Cooperation in Education and Training - signed 24 August 2015

    Flag of India India Student Mobility & Welfare MOU 2012​
    Flag of India India Extension of Biotechnology MOU 2011 
    Flag of India India Biotechnology MOU  2006
    Flag of India India Education Exchange Programme MOU (pdf 82kb) - signed 23 October 2003
    Flag of India India Science and Technology MOU (pdf 926kb) - signed 23 October 2003
    Indonesia (pdf 136kb) - signed 12 September 2014
    Japan (pdf 93kb) - signed December 2018
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (pdf 428kb) - signed 27 May 2010

    Malaysia (1.87mb) - signed 3 March 2011

    Malaysian flag
    Malaysia (English - 564 kb) (Malaysian - 549kb) -  signed 14 November 2012
    Flag of Mexico Mexico (pdf 200kb) - signed 21 April 2015
    Mongolia (pdf 2.24mb) - signed 23 February 2011
    Flag_of_Paraguay_web.jpg Paraguay (pdf 2mb) - signed 22 November 2016
    Flag of Peru Peru (pdf 711kb) - signed 17 November 2016
    Philippines (pdf 142kb) – signed 18 November 2015
    QatarFlag.png ​Qatar (pdf 64kb) - signed 25 January 2016
    Republic of Korea (pdf 896kb) - signed 11 August 2008
    Flag of Taiwan Taiwan (pdf 188kb) - signed 15 April 2005
    Flag of Taiwan Taiwan VET (pdf 158kb) - signed 13 December 2011
    Flag of Thailand Thailand (pdf 210kb) - signed 28 May 2012
    Flag of Turkey Turkey (pdf 64kb) - signed 16 June 2003
    ae-lgflagmini.jpg United Arab Emirates (pdf 440kb) - signed 15 April 2014​
    us.gif United States of America MOC -  signed December  2016
    flag of Vietnam

    Vietnam - Ministry of Education and Training (English, pdf 190kb) - signed 15 March 2018 [Vietnamese]

    flag of Vietnam 

    Vietnam - Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (English, pdf 190kb) - signed 15 March 2018


    Joint ministerial statement

    In 2010 ministers from Australia and India signed a joint statement to reaffirm their commitment to continue to expand collaboration in education, training and research.