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2016 International Student Survey

Every two years since 2010, the Australian Government has funded a national survey of international students across Australia’s major education sectors. The 2016 survey is the biggest so far, with over 65,000 international students participating.

The main 2016 survey covers students in Higher Education, Vocational Education and Training and English language institutions, with a separate smaller survey covering international students in secondary school (hence the results of the schools survey are not comparable with results from the other sectors). The main survey found 89 per cent of international students were satisfied or very satisfied with their living and learning experience in Australia. This is the highest score measured so far in these biennial surveys and higher than a comparable global score measured from international students in other countries over the same time period.

The overall headline findings and sector-level findings are captured in the infographic fact sheets below:

       Headline Findings                Higher Education                            VET                                   Schools                               ELICOS
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The International Research and Analysis Unit provides data, research and analysis on many aspects of international education in Australia and globally. Data on international students studying in Australia is updated on a monthly basis. Other information on offshore education delivery by Australian providers and Australian students studying overseas is published as one page fact sheets (Research Snapshots).
As student mobility continues to grow globally, international collaboration in data and information sharing is becoming more important. International Group has built collaborative networks with key international organisations including the British Council and the USA Institute of International Education, which hosts Project Atlas, an international student mobility database.