National Consultations on International Student Mental Health and Safety

The mental health and safety of international students studying in Australia will go under the spotlight to better understand the support they need to help ensure their study experience is a safe one.
Orygen, the National Centre of Excellence on Youth Mental Health, will undertake the National Consultations on International Student Mental Health and Safety, commencing in January 2020.
International students overwhelmingly report feeling safe in Australia, but the Government wants to ensure that students coming here have access to the mental health services and other supports they need to thrive.
Orygen will examine the scope of supports and services currently available to international students, which will encompass initiatives that meet and exceed the minimum requirements set out in the National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students.
Consultations will also seek to establish the challenges for providers and other stakeholders in engaging students with help when and where it is needed, as well as compiling comprehensive best‑practice examples.
Consultation is being designed to ensure complementarity of effort with the National University Mental Health Framework, another Orygen project.
Orygen’s report will draw on international student focus groups conducted by headspace this year, with a report of findings expected in 2020.
Further updates will be provided as they become available.