Endeavour Bulletin - September 2014


The first half of the year was a busy time for the Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships team. Major activities have included the 2014 Endeavour Professional Development Workshops and Receptions and the opening and closing of the 2015 application round.
During the application period an impressive 330,000 users logged onto the website and the Endeavour Management Team (consisting of three people) responded to 2,719 email enquiries! The selection process for the 2015 round is underway and a new intake of Endeavour recipients will be announced in December.
Our professional development workshops and networking receptions were extremely well received. The value of establishing and maintaining connections with other recipients is just one way in which the Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships foster collaboration and establish lifelong people-to-people links.
A major feature of the Endeavour Bulletin is the opportunity to share your stories with your Endeavour colleagues from around the globe.  In this edition we share the experiences of Endeavour Executive fellowship recipients— their stories are truly inspirational and we thank them for their contributions. We also look forward to hearing from more of you and hearing how an Endeavour scholarship has changed your life.
We are always inspired to hear about the breadth of research and study being undertaken by recipients of Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships and are proud to share some of their stories with you through the Endeavour Bulletin

We’d love to hear your views on the Endeavour Bulletin and in particular your own story about your Endeavour experience.