Endeavour Bulletin December 2016



The Endeavour Team are currently welcoming the 2017 cohort of Endeavour recipients and undertaking preparations for them to commence their respective programs. Australian recipients who are heading off to exciting new places, and international recipients from 46 countries are all preparing for an invaluable life changing experience through their Endeavour scholarship or fellowship.

You can view the list of the successful 2017 applicants on the ‘Recipients and Alumni’ page of the Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships web page.
The department’s exhibition booth at the 30th Australian International Education Conference (AIEC) provided a wonderful opportunity to catch up with many of our stakeholders including  the Minister for Education and Training, Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham.

As part of his address to the audience, Minister Birmingham reiterated the importance of the connections that are forged at different levels through international education. The Minister acknowledged one particular Endeavour alumnus, Dr Alexander May, who spent two years studying at the Tokyo Institute of Technology under Professor Yoshinori Ohsumi, who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine. Further details about Dr May’s international experience is below.

The theme of the AIEC was ‘connectivity’, which as you know is a major component of receiving an Endeavour scholarship. We constantly receive testimonials about the connections and collaborations recipients have developed and maintained during their Endeavour experience. We have published some of these inspirational stories for your interest.
Planning ahead for the 2018 round, we are currently updating our Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships promotional videos. We have been interviewing some of our Canberra based recipients, and once again we are extremely inspired by the breadth of your work. The department’s post in China has also produced its own video which showcases Chinese recipients and their achievements and experience of living in Australia.

We look forward to hearing from you on how an Endeavour scholarship or fellowship has changed your life and the connections you have made.

Best wishes to you and your families over the holiday season.
The Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships Team


Connecting at the Australian International Education Conference

International recipients:

Australian recipients:

Alexander May (Japan)