About Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships

The Australian Government Department of Education and Training administers the Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships. The Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships aim to build Australia’s reputation for excellence in the provision of education and research, support the internationalisation of the Australian higher education and research sectors and offer high-achieving individuals from overseas and Australia opportunities to increase their productivity and expertise in their field. 



The objective of the Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships is to provide individuals of academic merit with high-quality learning opportunities that contribute to Australia’s standing as a world-leader in education and research. The program supports Australia’s first National Strategy for International Education which sets out a 10-year plan for developing Australia’s role as a global leader in education, training and research.

Since 2007, a total of 4,481 Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships have been received by internationals and 1,330 have been received by Australians to undertake research, study or professional development across 127 eligible countries.


Funding for the Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships program is provided by the Australian Government. The program typically offers three–quarters of the scholarships and fellowships funded each year to overseas citizens, with support ranging from short-term fellowships or research placements to full postgraduate degrees. Australians receive support to undertake targeted research and professional development overseas.

Support Services

To ensure recipients gain the most from their experience they will receive ongoing support for the duration of their Endeavour scholarship or fellowship. Recipients will also be able to share their journey with other recipients from around the globe. Upon successful completion, recipients will be eligible for membership of the Alumni Network. This network maintains the personal, institutional and educational links and friendships made.

Scope Global has been appointed by the department to provide post-selection support services to recipients. These services include:
  • a dedicated case manager
  • pre-departure briefings
  • provision of advice on health, travel, insurance, accommodation, security and legal matters
  • payment of allowances
  • reporting to the department on recipients’ progress.


Cheung Kong Infrastructure (Holdings) Limited

In 2004 the department entered into sponsorship agreement with Cheung Kong Infrastructure (Holdings) Limited through its Australian subsidiary Powercor Australia Limited, where the Government agreed to match Cheung Kong funding for researchers to travel to and from China and other agreed countries in Asia. Now renewed through until 2019, the Endeavour Australia Cheung Kong Research Fellowship category is highly regarded as a unique and successful public/private partnership that has:
  • enabled the Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships to reach a wider audience both domestically and internationally, including high profile communities in business and government
  • developed a prestigious reputation within Australian and international universities, research organisations and other stakeholders
  • assisted the department to increase the number of Endeavour Research Fellowships
  • demonstrated a successful model, on a practical scale, for future partnerships with other private sector partners.
The Endeavour Australia Cheung Kong Research Fellowships provide financial support for five postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows from participating Asian countries to undertake short-term research (4-6 months), in any field, in Australia, and for five Australians to do the same in participating Asian countries. Two-thirds of the fellowships are allocated to China (including Hong Kong SAR).

Australian-American Fulbright Commission

In addition to the Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships, the department works with the Australian-American Fulbright Commission to fund the Fulbright - Anne Wexler Masters Scholarship in Public Policy which were announced by the Australian Government in 2009. Two scholarships are awarded annually—one for an Australian citizen to undertake a two year US Master Degree in Public Policy and one for an American citizen to undertake a two year Australian Master’s Degree in Public Policy. These scholarships recognise the late Anne Wexler’s contribution to fostering Australian-American relations and are administered by the Australian-American Fulbright Commission in Canberra.


Since the 1950s the Colombo Plan and its successor scholarship initiatives have played a key role in advancing Australia’s foreign policy and development agendas in the Asia-Pacific region and building relationships with the region’s leaders.  There is a strong accord within Australia and the region on the value of scholarships as a means for promoting development and fostering relationships between Australia and people from the region.  Scholarships promote political and economic reform and good governance in target countries while building understanding within Australia of the people and development challenges of our region.  They enable regional leaders to develop enduring connections with Australia and enhance our reputation as an education destination.
The Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships was established in 2003 to showcase the excellence of Australia’s education sector and enable high achieving students from around the world to undertake study or research in Australia and for Australians to do the same overseas.